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Solar Union: Lighting the Way with Expert SEO Strategies

To kickstart Solar Union’s new SEO journey, RELLO connected with the Solar Union team to learn deeply about their brand, target audience, and business goals. Our thorough initial research included a comprehensive website audit, competitive analysis, and keyword research, ensuring our SEO strategy was fully aligned with Solar Union’s business objectives.

Key elements of our SEO strategy included:

  • On-page SEO optimization: Title tags, meta descriptions, and content optimization
  • Technical SEO: Site speed improvement, mobile optimization, and schema markup
  • Off-page SEO: High-quality backlink building, local SEO, and social signals
  • Content Strategy: Regular blog posts, eBooks, and infographics targeting key industry terms

Throughout the campaign, Solar Union and our team met regularly to review progress, discuss updates, and adapt the strategy as needed, maintaining alignment and driving toward success.

Our Approach: Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Solar Union History

Solar Union, headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a leading installer of residential and commercial solar energy systems across the Western United States. With a strong commitment to sustainable practices and excellent customer service, Solar Union aims to be the go-to provider for clean, renewable energy.

The SEO Challenge: Standing Out in a Sunny Market

In an industry as bright and booming as solar energy, it’s crucial to shine brighter than the competition. Solar Union aimed to boost its online presence, drawing more organic traffic to its website and ultimately converting that traffic into qualified leads and sales.

Partnering with RELLO for a Brighter Future

Understanding the importance of a strong online presence, Solar Union partnered with RELLO to elevate its SEO strategy. Together, we aimed to identify growth opportunities in Solar Union’s digital landscape and implement an SEO strategy designed for lasting success.

Launching New Search Ad Campaigns

To get our new marketing campaign off on the right foot, we kicked things into gear by connecting with the Gardner team to gain a better understanding of their brand and customers. With this valuable insight and some initial research, we had everything in place to make sure every step aligned perfectly with business objectives as well as industry practices.

As new campaigns were launched, Gardner and our team worked collaboratively to keep campaigns on track and allow our efforts to stay in sync. Frequent meetings saw that performance metrics and tracking remained up-to-date while business needs were always taken into account—guaranteeing successful outcomes for each campaign.

The Results.

Solar Union has seen remarkable improvements in its online visibility, organic traffic, and lead conversion rates due to our partnership. These improvements have led to significant growth in both their customer base and revenue.


Solar Union’s success story illustrates the transformative power of a carefully crafted, expertly executed SEO strategy. If you’re ready to elevate your online presence, drive more organic traffic, and convert visitors into loyal customers, SEO is your key to unlocking this potential.

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