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Case Study Overview

Northern Utah residents looking for professional pavers have made Infinity Pavers their go-to choice for paver installation. With an unbeatable customer experience, including on-location consultation and custom design, the process is made simpler by Infinity’s promise of consistent communication and short installation wait times. To bring this excellent service to their expanding service area, they’ve recently partnered with RELLO to achieve new heights through marketing.

Infinity Paver’s marketing goals and objectives: 

  • Acquire new customers
  • Maintain a high return on investment
  •  Develop a steady marketing pipeline
  • Promote specific services 

To meet these goals, the ad experts at RELLO determined that search ads and SEO would best meet Gardner’s marketing needs. 

Infinity Pavers History

With over 18 years of experience in pavers, the Infinity Pavers Installation Team is setting a new standard with their renowned service. With a commitment to complete customer satisfaction, they offer an array of paving opportunities ranging from driveways, heated driveways, patios and pathways, just to name a few. In addition, they provide services such as sealing and restoration if needed. Their work speaks for itself and the Infinity pavers brand strides towards creating the ultimate paving experience.

The Challenge of Capturing Attention in a Competitive Space

Marketing strategies take on a different weight in a premium market like pavers installation and heated driveways. Here, each contact matters and the competition is fierce–only one business can be the winner. 

What’s more, because of the nature of the product, both marketing efforts and service areas need to be focused for quality control and cost efficiency purposes. This makes finding well-targeted marketing solutions even more important for businesses hoping to cater in this market space. 

Launching New Search Ad Campaigns

It’s imperative at the beginning of each new marketing campaign to align with business goals, procedures, and practices. We met right away with the infinity team to learn more about the brand and its customers. After initial research and discussion, we were ready to start marketing. 

As new campaigns were launched we consistently met with Infinity. We met to review performance, update reporting, and accommodate business needs. With regular opportunities to align our efforts we ensure that the campaigns were meeting business goals. 

The Results.

Infinity Pavers has seen tremendous success through our marketing efforts. Each of the outlined goals was matched or exceeded: acquiring new customers, maintaining a high return on investment, developing a steady marketing pipeline, and promoting specific services. You can see below the results of their search ad campaigns.


If you’re looking to get marketing success, RELLO can help you make the most out of your search marketing campaigns. Our sales team is standing by, ready to show you how we’ve managed to get our clients great results through their marketing efforts. Based on our case study above, you can see just what kind of success stories RELLO can create for its customers. Get in touch with us and find out first hand how we can propel your marketing to new heights.

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