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Case Study Overview

Gardner Energy is the wasatch choice for renewable energy options. Solar installation, batteries, off-grid solar, generators, and more. Gardner provides a premiere customer experience. Serving the intermountain west since 2004, Gardner has a proven track record of satisfied customers. 

Looking to expand to new markets, and growth within established areas, Gardner brought on RELLO to bring their services to new customers.

Gardner Energy marketing goals and objectives: 

  • Acquire new customers

  • Maintain a high return on investment

  • Enter new markets

To meet these goals, the ad experts at RELLO determined that search ads would best meet Gardner’s marketing needs. 

Gardner Energy History

Gardner Energy, based in Utah, has built over 1,000 energy systems and installed more than 17 MW of solar in Utah, Idaho, California, Texas, Colorado, and New York. With over 18 years of installation experience, Gardner has a history of quality customer care and quality work. Serving both residential and commercial energy customers, Gardner sought to expand into new markets while growing customer bases in established areas. 

Capturing Attention in a Competitive Space

Solar, and its affiliated products, have never been more popular. This has brought incredible opportunity to those in the energy solutions industry, but it has also brought a huge surge in competition. For every customer interested in a Gardner product or service, there’s a dozen companies nearby willing to compete for attention.

With such opportunity, and competition, RELLO worked with Gardner Energy to build search campaigns that would win over the most buy-ready customers around. 

Launching New Search Ad Campaigns

To get our new marketing campaign off on the right foot, we kicked things into gear by connecting with the Gardner team to gain a better understanding of their brand and customers. With this valuable insight and some initial research, we had everything in place to make sure every step aligned perfectly with business objectives as well as industry practices.

As new campaigns were launched, Gardner and our team worked collaboratively to keep campaigns on track and allow our efforts to stay in sync. Frequent meetings saw that performance metrics and tracking remained up-to-date while business needs were always taken into account—guaranteeing successful outcomes for each campaign.

The Results.

Gardner has achieved remarkable success with the marketing endeavors. They matched or exceeded the projected goals of acquiring new customers, maintaining a strong return on investment, and entering new markets – all reflected in the results from the search ad campaigns shown below.

"Working with RELLO has been a fantastic experience. I’ve used the team there for many different projects across several companies and had great success with each. Their speciality inside of renewable energy really showcased itself in quickly implementing lead generation tactics that have our sales a much needed boost. I would highly recommend RELLO to any client."
Creighton Elinski
Gardner Energy | Energy & Transportation Marketing Manager


Gardner Energy’s success is proof positive of what can happen when you invest in building effective search campaigns tailored towards your specific business needs. If you’re looking for ways to increase your visibility online, reach more buy-ready customers, and maintain a high ROI, investing in search ads is key.

Unlock the potential of your marketing campaigns with RELLO – join our success stories and experience first hand how we can help you skyrocket your results. Our sales team is waiting to show you just what’s possible, so get in touch today and discover a new way to market yourself.

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