When Should I Hire a Marketing Agency?

Are you struggling to keep up with your company’s marketing needs? Then it may be time to reach out to a marketing agency for help. 

There are many moving pieces to marketing and knowing when to get outside help can make a big difference.

The question then becomes: should you hire a marketing agency or more team members? Keep reading, because we’ll share with you five signs that show you need a marketing agency, as well as three surprising signs as to why you shouldn’t.

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need a Marketing Agency

If your marketing team, brand, or company is struggling, hiring a marketing agency can help you get back on track. Which struggles might require an outside marketing agency to help?

1. Sales Are Stagnant

Have you noticed that no matter how many promotions or new products you announce, your company’s sales just don’t seem to grow? If this hits too close to home, then you should consider hiring a marketing agency. 

A marketing agency can help get to the bottom of the company’s stagnant sales and determine the underlying cause. Maybe the messaging is off. Maybe the website makes it difficult to purchase products. Or maybe you’re struggling to gain new customers. No matter the reason, a marketing agency can find the cause and develop a strategy to increase sales.

2. Your Marketing Is Getting Too Complex

Is it getting harder and harder to track email analytics? Is your core messaging getting lost in the variety of products your company offers? Chances are the complexity of your marketing has increased a notch and you need some help sorting everything out.

A dedicated marketing team can decipher your analytics, clean up messaging, and get you back to the foundation of your brand. You can then get back to delivering recognizable value to your customers and your company.

3. You Don’t Have the Right Skillsets

If you’re a master copywriter but lack graphic design skills, or you know the ins and outs of SEO but can’t post an engaging Facebook post to save your life, you should reach out to a marketing agency. 

Marketing agencies typically consist of teams of marketing professionals who specialize in specific marketing disciplines, like social media, copywriting, SEO, and graphic design. They can help fill in the skillset holes you may have in your own marketing team and help you see results fast!

4. Your Brand Isn’t Connecting With Your Customers

Have you noticed engagement dropping on your social media? Are fewer customers opening and clicking through your emails? If this is the case, your brand may not be connecting with your audience and customers like it used to.

When you hire a marketing agency, they can take a look at your brand from a different perspective. As marketers, it can be easy to turn a brand into what we think it should be versus what our customers see it as. A marketing agency will determine whether the messaging and design hits the mark with your audience, and if not, what to do to fix it.

5. You Need Help to Better Understand Your Industry

Maybe you actually do know your industry, but do you struggle to stand out in it? If you find yourself not knowing how to differentiate yourself from your competition, hiring a marketing agency can help you do just that. 

Marketing agencies work in a variety of industries, and that diverse experience can bring insights to your business that help you stand out and also lead in the industry!

Imagine discovering a new pain point your customers have that your competition doesn’t know about. Or imagine messaging your product offering in a way that no one ever has before. A marketing agency can help you look for those hidden nuggets and provide the difference you need to make a difference in the industry.

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but it can give you some direction. If one or several of these signs present themselves in your marketing efforts, hiring a marketing agency can be the right move.

3 Signs You May Not Need a Marketing Agency

In some cases, you might need to hire a marketing agency. Why might hiring a marketing agency not be the right choice, at least for now? Here are three signs to look for:

1. You Aren’t Completing Marketing Projects

When you find your marketing team having a hard time seeing marketing tasks through to the finish line, you don’t necessarily need to hire a marketing agency; you need to hire more team members. 

Outsourcing work is always an option, especially when you’re understaffed, but instead of hiring outside resources, consider using that money to build an internal team, a team that’s dedicated solely to the company and the brand. 

You’ll find that when you hire more team members, you can accomplish more.

2. You Aren’t Responding to Reviews

Reviews are a crucial part of marketing and business—both good and bad reviews. If you aren’t thanking customers for the good reviews and responding to the bad reviews you’re going to lose out on valuable insight and feedback. 

Some marketing efforts are completed better, and faster, by in-house teams. Agencies are too disconnected from your business’s day to day to effectively address these kinds of items.

3. You Struggle To Understand Your Business Model

It can be hard to market a business if you don’t understand exactly how it works. But before you go out and look for a marketing agency, you may find clarity in talking with the founder of the company or other members of the executive team. They can help you understand why they started the business and what problem they’re solving through their services or products.

You never know what resources you have internally to help with your marketing efforts until you ask around.

If you understand the business model but struggle to message it properly, that’s a different story. A marketing agency can easily help you market your products, services, and business when you’re having a hard time doing so.

Hire a Marketing Agency That Can Do It All

All companies can benefit from hiring a marketing agency at one point or another. Whether you need help growing sales, connecting with your customers, or figuring out how to stand out in your industry, a marketing agency can provide you with the resources to start seeing a positive change.

At RELLO, we help scale brands and build ROI for companies in all industries. With a simple, detailed strategy, your business can overcome the difficulties it faces and see growth. Whether you’re a start-up or have been in business for decades, our team of marketing experts can help you reach new heights in your industry.

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